Study TV & Video at TU Dublin Tallaght

Here in Creative Digital Media, one of our most popular strands is video and TV production.

Upon completion of the course you will have at least 8 video projects for your showreel:

First Year:  TV Studio Production

Semester 1: Students get the opportunity to make their own live TV magazine show, learning how to use studio equipment for the first time

Semester 2: In this semester students will produce a live TV news and current events programme.

Second Year: Corporate Video Production

Semester 3: Students will carry out single camera interviews on location as part of a entertainment show.

Semester 4: Students will work with other clients to create a corporate video for their company/organisation.

Third Year: Short Film Production

Semester 5: Students will work with clients to make an advertisement video for their company/organisation.

Semester 6: In this semester students will get the opportunity to make their own short films and work with actors for the first time.

Fourth Year: Featured Drama Production

Semester 7: Students get the opportunity to make a documentary on a topic of their choice using state of the art equipment.

Semester 8: In the last semester students will produce a drama film using state of the art equipment.

This showreel has numerous examples of works created by students:

Students on the Creative Digital Media Degree are producing high quality short films in fiction and documentary. Many of these are showcasing the work of the course at film festivals globally, with numerous award winners coming through in recent years too. This demonstrates that creativity and talent are at the heart of the course in Tallaght.” – Garret Daly,  Lecturer

“TV and Video gives students the opportunity to learn all of the standard practices, facilities and in depth knowledge of the industry. Graduates are then ready to work in a 360 degree media environment merging production skills from other practical and theory modules in the programme.” – Gerry Gilvary, Lecturer

“TV & Video production has provided me the opportunity to get a real feel of the industry itself. Over the course of three years I have been part of multiple student productions working with various roles such as directing, cameraman, sound designer, lighting, editing and many more. It enables my potential and gives me the confidence to work in the television & film industry.” – Philip Donnelly, Class of 2017

I feel that the module is very informative, I have learned so much about the industry during my time at ITT Dublin”-  Niko Salvino, Class of 2017