Coming to TU Dublin, Tallaght on an Erasmus study visit

Here’s is the perspective of our incoming Erasmus students, who have come to Ireland to study at ITT, and are doing some subjects on the Creative Digital Media course:

  • Why do your Erasmus in Ireland?

The Cliffs of Moher, the Wicklow Mountains or the Giant Causeway are three examples of natural wonders you can find in Ireland. The Green  Island is a also really welcoming country where everybody would always be up for a Guinness.

  • Why choose the Creative Digital Media BA in TU Dublin, Tallaght?

TU Dublin is an innovative college with small classes, where lecturers are concerned about their students. In this BA, you will be able to learn practice as well as theory, and acquire real skills in the media, such as producing videos, directing documentaries, using Adobe Software. Moreover ITT is a dynamic college which will organise some events all along the year, such as the Halloween OpenAir Cinema, the Christmas Dinner, or the Spring Fest, which contribute to reinforce the relationship and solidarity between all students, Irish ones as well as Erasmus one.

Our European Exchange Program allows students from a wide range of countries in Europe to take part in the Creative Digital Degree course. This provides an opportunity for European Students to take part in the course, allowing them to meet new people, which allows for a full and interesting experience. For example this year, we have French, German, Spanish and Finnish students. Here’s what our French students have to say about their Erasmus experience:

We are two French Erasmus student and we are in the ITT since September. You know, it was a really good surprise when we learnt that we were accepted to come to Ireland to study for one year in this wonderful country. Ireland was our first choice because of the beauty and the cultural wealth. Living in this country offers to us an opportunity to follow very interesting courses such as TV & Film Studies, Interactive Development, Graphic Design… There are lots of interesting classes that gave us a new perspective on how to learn a job, how to acquire new skills. And can you guess what the best here is? People… because everyone is just really nice to Erasmus students, very patient and very attentive. They just want you to succeed and have an this amazing experience, if you have the opportunity to come to Ireland, do not hesitate a second because people, places, experiences, student life are just completely different, you will grow up so fast and your life will be change forever.” Sarah from IUT Charlemagne, Nancy and Michaela from Paris 8, Paris, France.

Below, you can see some videos created by Erasmus students here and abroad.

Going to Europe on Erasmus

Third and Fourth Year Irish students at ITT get an opportunity to go to a variety of different colleges in Europe as part of the Erasmus. This allows for Irish students to travel to Europe and experience the course from a different perspective:
“I didn’t understand how great of an opportunity getting to study abroad for a semester was until I went on an exchange myself. I got to spend an amazing semester studying in HAW Hamburg where I got to do a variety of creative practical modules, like experimental Video Production and Independent Video Project. HAW Media and Design Campus is a young, vibrant and energetic college packed full of the latest industry standard equipment, which will give you the opportunity to find out what area of the media field you truly excel in.
Outside of college work the University has one of the largest amount incoming exchange students in Europe with over 200 exchange students per semester. You will find a variety of friends from a variety of countries, and your social calendar will be full the entire semester. You will have the best experience of your life and you’ll make friends all over the world for the rest of your life.” Martin, ITT, Dublin.