The media course here in Tallaght is designed primarily as a practical, production based programme. We spend roughly 70% of our time in studios and labs learning how to express ideas through different media contexts and technologies. To supplement this we have several other modules which interconnect with the production subjects. These are designed to provide an understanding of how the media operate in culture and prepare students for their future in the industry.

Media, Culture and Society
Over the four years of the programme we also get the opportunity to study a range of topics from traditional media such as film and television from the past to considering how these have changed and adapted to 21st century audiences and technologies. In modules such as Screen Studies, Media Communications and Culture and Technology we talk about the current media landscape examining topics like, media ownership, social media and political activism, social media and society, storytelling through Instagram and Snapchat, selfies as self portraits, Irish cinema, computer games and many others. Throughout these modules we examine questions of power, as the digital revolution has opened up access to the voices of ordinary citizens, we consider how this has impacted on the various ideas and agendas circulating in society.

The Media Industry
In addition to these theory based modules we also have courses which prepare us for the industry we’ll be working in. These include Media Law, Marketing and Enterprise Development, all of which are crucial for an understanding of the business and legal contexts. By studying these subjects we learn how to develop a business idea, source financing, reach new markets and organise the legal formation of a business. But we also do subjects which prepare us for entry into the industry, subjects such as Professional and Portfolio Development and Professional Practice. These are are all aimed toward guiding students toward their preferred career and giving them insights into the opportunities there are out there. One important part of these subjects are the Guest lecturers from industry who are often graduates of the programme. Students get to hear about their journey from student to practitioner and what choices they made along the way.