Study Audio & Radio at ITT Dublin

The Radio and Audio classes offer students the opportunity to gain experience in Radio Broadcasting and Audio Design. They will get the opportunity to learn about presenting and broadcasting a live radio show in the college’s radio studio. Students will also learn about audio design and editing.

First Year: Radio Production

Introduces students to the basics of radio production. Students learn how to produce, design and present radio shows in teams from the college’s radio studio, they will also learn to work the mics and radio desk in the Radio Studio. They also learn about recording and designing audio using Zoom Recorders and editing the recordings using the digital audio editing software Pro Tools to create radio inserts.

Second Year: Audio Design & Production

Students focus more on audio design and production. They will get the chance to create a SFX Narrative using different sound effects from the colleges SFX library. They will also edit music to create TV Theme tunes and use MIDI software to create original music compositions. They will also get to practice ADR, Automated Dialogue Replacement, in Pro Tools to create an original soundtrack for a selected QuickTime clip such as a game or animation trailer.

Third Year: Advanced Radio Production & Radio Programming

Students will create, produce and present a 45 Minute Music Radio Show alone and then produce a 60 Minute Magazine Show in groups ,both will be for Live Transmission on ‘ITTFM’ They will get produce and edit a 5 minute radio package using Zoom Recorders and Pro Tools in the beginning of the year then later in the year  they will  produce a 15-20 Minute Documentary/Short Feature for transmission on ‘ITTFM’ on a subject of their choosing, as per an agreed proposal. The documentaries will be again recorded using Zoom Records and edited on Pro Tools. Students will also learn about what is required to create, run and market a radio station.

Fourth Year:Digital Audio Production Tech & Post Production

Students learn more about the setup of the radio studio and the MIDI hardware when they take part in an equipment proficiency test before they undertake a location recording of an audio performance; they must plan the event and the requisite audio equipment and assemble a location audio setup to achieve the recording. Students will plan, design, source and present a detailed budget for an audio production facility. The students will to prepare and produce an original, personally chosen audio production of up to 15 minutes’ length, the exact nature of which must be agreed individually with the lecturer. In groups students will also script and post-produce one episode of a radio serial adaptation of a serialized comic. Finally the student is required to produce an original short creative audio composition. It may incorporate any form of audio or set of production techniques acquired during their studies of this course

The course provides the opportunity to work with the best audio editing software to help produce high quality productions such as audio documentaries and podcasts using the editing software Pro Tools . An extensive Sound Effect library will help students create interesting soundscapes to enhance audio narrative. You will also be introduced to music theory as well as MIDI theory, allowing students to compose their own musical creations. Students get a chance to use the colleges Radio Studio and Zoom Recorders to record high quality audio.

Check out the CDM SoundCloud below for some examples of the content that students produce during the Radio and Audio class.


In addition to the work in the module, there will be times where students can work with the college’s radio station ITTFM.  ITTFM has been around for over 10 years, bringing you amazing shows over the airwaves for two weeks every year and over the years online. The Award Winning ITT Radio Society organizes Radio Week on ITTFM every year, during Freshers Week and RAG Week. During this time, the society and its members present a daily schedule of live programming on 99.1 FM and through live-stream.

33 with ITT

33 with ITT is a 33 hour broadcast that the Radio Soc organise every year, usually around RAG Week (beginning of February). The aim of this broadcast is to raise money for a charity. In 2016 the Radio Society raise nearly €1000 for Denise Ryan, a sufferer of Lyme’s disease. Denise was once a student in IT Tallaght and was once involved in the Radio Society herself. Having our 33 hour marathon in aid of Denise, for the second year in a row, was very special to the students and  lecturers involved and also to Denise.


The Radio Society is one of the best run societies within the college, picking up awards at the Board of Irish College Societies (BICS) every year. In 2016, the society won three awards including; Best Society Individual (Small College): Emma Mullan, Best Society Event (Small College) for Radio Week and Best Society in a Cultural, Academic or Social Field (Small College).

You can check out ITTFM on their social media pages by clicking the icons here: